1-May-2018Dallas, TX(3 miles)Reptiles for Sale
Seller Description: SULCATAS, baby Sulcatas $80 ea; yearling Ivory 5-7" $800 ea 5 to choose from, Redfoot babies, $125 ea; 7 proven females 50 to 100 lbs, $ 800 - $ 1250 ea; 19" male Sulcata $200 - www.tortugavilla.com
13-May-2018Dallas, TX(3 miles)Reptiles for Sale
Summary: Breed - Reptile, Price - $300 Seller Description: I'm selling my durmil boa for 300. That includes everything, the tank, tank stand, bedding, water bowl, heat lamps & tank decorations. There is nothing wrong with her I just never have time to interact with her. She is a sweet docile snake who has never bit anyone, even little kids have held her and she is still just as sweet as a baby....
16-May-2018Dallas, TX(3 miles)Reptiles for Sale
Summary: Breed - Beraded Dragon, Price - $300 Seller Description: For sale is a pair of breaded bearded dragon lizards. The lizards are about 6 yrs old and come with their habitat complete with basking bulb, UV bulb, Ceramic Heat Lamp, food & water dish, bark basking log, and wire cage top. This was a breeding pair when I first got them, however I have not bread them for some time due to specif...
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